Empowered Transformation

You’re yearning for a new you, aren’t you?

What does the new version of yourself look like? Are you stronger, braver, healthier, wiser, kinder, more connected, more loving, more caring, wealthier? Are you fully tuned into yourself?

The empowerment gained from our coaching relationship can activate transformation in all of these areas and put you back on the path to being the person you want to be – the amazing person I know you can be.

So, I must ask, are you willing to go deeper? Are you ready to connect to the parts of yourself that you’ve locked securely away? If so, then you’re primed to take your family and job and mind and body, and most importantly, your most authentic self to a whole new place you’ve only imagined was possible

About Me

Coach Jonathan

Hi there! My name is Jonathan.

I work with busy individuals who struggle to show up in life as their fullest self because somewhere along the line they’ve become lost in the expectations laid on them by their family, job, or even themselves.

My clients reclaim their power and take hold of their rudder so they can live life according to their terms and become more powerful parents, spouses, siblings, friends, co-workers, and teammates.

How We Can Work Together For You

Career Transitions

Work is a bore. I’m not trying my hardest. I don’t care. Why am I even here?

Does that sound like you? Perhaps it is time to change the way you approach your current job. Perhaps it’s time for a new career. Or, maybe it is time to launch out on your own and tackle the passion project you’ve put off for years and years. Regardless, your spirit is calling and telling you that it is time for a change and that it better happen soon or else!

Let’s answer that call!

Personal Development

One question:
Who do you want to be?

Only you know the answer to this question, but for some reason (or many) you’ve been resisting it or can’t quite seem to get there. I think you’re ready to go all in and I’m here to walk with you on the path to be the person you want to be. Whether you’re seeking inner clarity, improved performance, or stronger relationships I guarantee your goal is within reach.

Decide who to be and go be it!

Healthier Habits

Exercise. Food. Sleep. Video games. Drugs. Netflix. Porn. Shopping. Work. Sex.

What’s your distraction of choice that keeps you from connecting to the real world? What’s preventing you from truly feeling? How do you disconnect and check out from your life? Letting go of “it” and replacing that distraction with deep, honest, human connection and bare emotions might be the answer you’re actually looking for.

Are you ready to be fully present?


What People Say

Jonathan is a fantastic coach. His casual style is disarming, and his genuine interest in me is empowering. With his questions and insights, I am challenged to think differently about myself and then put that thinking into action by doing things differently. Working with Jonathan has been incredibly helpful.

Marketing Professional
Boston, MA

I highly recommend Jonathan for coaching during career transitions. I needed to change directions professionally after work in my field became scarce during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jonathan helped me clarify my strengths and put those strengths into action for my transition. When I felt discouraged by the process, he taught me new ways to identify and release negative thoughts so I could keep moving forward. Besides empathy and great listening skills, Jonathan also has the rare gift of seeing each person’s uniqueness. He will meet you where you are, lift you up along the way and celebrate when you get there! Can’t recommend him enough!

San Francisco, CA

Let’s Talk!

I’d love to meet you and have a conversation to learn more about who you are and who you want to be.

Email me at Jonathan@UnconqueredLeaders.com or click the Contact button below to select a time for a personal video chat.